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Our strength of the trust as a “Hada(skin)-care brand”.

Yojiya have pursued the quality of our skin care items over the years.
Of course, our “Aburatorigami (oil-blotting paper)” is a representative one.
It balances the sebum and moisture content of skin, and prevent the skin from oxidation caused by excess sebum.
It has grown up to our perennial flagship product as an easy skin care item.
Furthermore, we apply our approach to the facial skin care to the whole body such as body care and hair care.

The approach is that we should pursue the ingredients and the comfort, because they are items people use every day.
Above all, our hand creams have got a lot of attention for the several years.
Many customers make repeat purchases, pleased with each flagrance, the moisturizing effect, and the fresh and non-sticky feel.
We cherish the through commitment to the ingredients and the gentle usage sensation.
In addition, we make your heart fluttered with the effect, the flagrance, and colors of our items.
Yojiya will keep making efforts to create products that meets the needs of our customers, as a “hada-care brand.”