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Aesthetic Sense

The true beauty of a woman,
brought out by Yojiya
to shine on the world.

Yojiya's cosmetics bring out the true beauty of a woman using natural, gentle ingredients that are suitable even for sensitive skin. Our dedication to our principle of being gentle on the skin and drawing out its natural potential underlies not only our basic skincare products but everything we make, including our essential makeup products and beauty tools. But there is still more to our philosophy. For instance, Yojiya cherishes the traditional style of applying rouge with a brush.

The routine conveys a certain feminine elegance and willingness to spend time for the sake of beauty. It seems to express the essence of Kyoto’s makeup culture, refined over the course of a long history.We believe there's something deeply beautiful about the thoughtfulness of a woman who does not hesitate to invest a little time into grooming her appearance with carefully made tools like aburatorigami, hand mirrors, and combs.What Yojiya aims for is this true beauty of a woman, born out of the aesthetic ideals of Kyoto.